Ruine Homburg
Ruine Homburg

Ruine Homburg, Läufelfingen

The Neu Homburg. The Guardian on the Lower Hauensteinpass

It was the count of Neu Homberg who gave the castle its name around 1240. Not all of the later inhabitants – bishops and bailiffs – were particularly popular, and in 1798 the people from the village burned down the castle. Since 2010, the ruins have been continually renovated, and the many visitors, families and school classes prefer to travel to the Homburg valley on the „Läufelfingerli“.

video of the homburg ruins

Further information from "Archäologie Baselland" & 3D reconstruction

Ruine Homburg Jan Geerk 2020
Ruine Homburg HD 0511
Ruine Homburg HD 0515
Ruine Homburg HD 0524
Ruine Homburg HD 0532
Ruine Homburg HD 0537

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Broschüre Burgen-Touren

Broschüre Burgen-Touren

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4448 Läufelfingen

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