Tours to the Wartenberg Castles
Bild: Jan Geerk
Tours to the Wartenberg Castles

Tours to the Wartenberg Castles

This versatile tour leads from Muttenz to the castles on the Wartenberg and through the vineyard path to Pratteln.

Information about the hike
Distance: 7,5 km
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
Altitude difference: 255m / 252m
Difficulty: easy

Hikes with the baby strollers

  • Short stroller tour (3.8 km) to the Wartenberg Castles: LINK
  • Longer stroller tour (8.4 km)to the Wartenberg Castles: LINK

Safety advice
Please supervise your children when visiting castles: there are exposed (and sometimes slippery) places and steep slopes.
Behavior in nature: Forest etiquette Switzerland

Tips for beginners
The video series "Like to Hike" gives you tips for a safe and enjoyable hike.

Tour to the Wartenberg Castles

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Broschüre Burgen-Touren

Broschüre Burgen-Touren

Entdecke 7 spannende Burgen und verschiedene Wanderungen inkl. Kinderwagen-Routen.



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